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From $94.50
Regular bottled sunshine deliveries to your door – what could be more convenient than that? We sweeten the deal by making the club totally flexible, offering exclusive benefits, and free gifts as well.

How Does it Work?

1.      Choose your frequency of deliveries, Number of bottles per delivery, and if you would like to pick your own wines or have our winemaker Rob’s expert selection. You can change your choices whenever you like and even take a subscription “holiday” and skip a delivery.
2.      Your packs will start to be sent on the first of the month after you sign up.
3.      You’ll get a handy email reminder a week before your pack is due to be sent – a good time to update your contact or payment details, or to let us know if you would like certain wines in your pack.
4.      Your pack will always be worth more than what you pay. For starters, you get a blanket 10% off the purchase price of any wines. Then we add value by putting money-can’t-buy exclusive wines and our higher value wines in your pack.
5.      You enjoy receiving your wines to your door, sharing them with friends over dinner, at your favourite BYO restaurant, or on cosy nights in.

For Terms & Conditions (there aren’t many, don’t worry!) please view our “Club” page. 
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