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Nose Knows

Nose Knows

When Rob is making your wines, everything starts with the aromas. 

Some winemakers pick grapes for ripeness, or flavour. 

But for Rob, aroma comes first. 


Because where there are great aromas, flavour follows. 

90% of tasting comes from what we smell. So by starting with incredible aromas, we can be sure of a delicious wine. 

rob Mack sniffing an Aphelion Wine at Salopian Inn

Care to test your olfactories? 

We created these Grenache Packs for you. They're great for gifting.

Same winemaker, different vineyards, different wines. Give your nose and palate a workout by opening a few of these wines at a time. Which wine tickles your fancy the most?

Three Aphelion Grenache Wine Bottles called Glorious Grenache 3 Pack $99 and a link to purchase

Six Aphelion Grenache wine bottles with caption Grenache Pack $250 with a link to purchase

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